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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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The young man remains quiet throughout the general's small speech. His face remains pleasantly cordial but something pulls at the edge of his mind. There's something not entirely right about the situation; things aren't quite matching up in his mind. On the one hand he's elated that he will not need to defend Kataji, the case seemed a very difficult one to prove, but on the other he regrets missing the opportunity matching wits against the challenge.

During all the appropriate places Koden raises his eyebrows or scoffs softly at the mention of the kingdom of Wei. He bows his head once when the general mentions the trade agreement.

"Thank you General," he says, standing and bowing once more, "I shall return this afternoon. It has been an honor serving your city."

He turns to the woman next to him, once the accused, now free, and asks, "Shall I escort you outside now that you're a free woman?"

Once outdoors he makes sure to walk well away from the building before pulling Kataji aside. He gives her a measuring look before speaking in a hushed voice.

"That," he says, "did not go according to plan. There's something here-" he clenches his fists "-that's not quite right. You're free, that's the important part, but things are almost too convenient. This Lushima has connections with a powerful house in Japan."

He bows his head slightly, mulling over the possibilities. There are simply too many to consider them all. The plots weave inward on themselves until they become a tangled mess.

"Any thoughts?" He asks, looking up again.