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Chapter 3: Worlds Colliding

Kataji and Koden:

The next day you are both invited to the dwellings of an important official. As you both sit down at the head of a table, you are urged to take a drink of water from a jug from one of the servants. Across the room you can see a door which is barred and two guards bareing Kwan-Do's stand before it. Kataji is taken by suprise at the sight of a Japanese sword sitting on a cloth on one side of the table, still caked in dried blood. No doubt the murder weapon - this talk would be related some how.

Soon a figure emerges from another door, it is the older man who had both spoken to you before. He moves forward before bowing and taking a seat.

"I am sorry to summon you here with such haste." He says apologising for the rude wake up call you both recieved. "But it is indeed news you will be both willing to hear. Im sorry but I had not introduced myself untill now, because trivial matters have haunted me these past days and I had not been myself. I am general Hu Mia Chon of the Wu Garrison here at Naking." This sudden developement has you both utterly frightend and intensely anxious at the same time - this is the man who has supreme control over all the Wu forces here in this city, the only people above him would be the General of Generals and the few who have right to sit above him.

"No doubt you payed witness to the events of yesterday." He says putting his hands together on the table infront of him. "We have reason to believe that it was an assasination attempt on the General and his newly Wed. Luckily by sheer fate or perhaps luck the attempted failed. Out of the two assasins one is dead, the other is badly wounded and under heavy guard by myself and my honour guard personally - untill we can interogate her that is."

"From the look of he though, she is from the Wei kingdom. So we suspect that General CaoCao or perhaps one of his lowly Generals of the Wei Forces to the north is behind this attempt - perhaps for personal gain or glory over such an act." The man nearly spits the words glory out. "In either case, we believe these two are also responcible for the murder that accured two days ago, we have reason to believe that the murder weapon - this weapon right here - was stolen from one of our Japanese guests, infact one male guest - Matrio Lushima I believe - issued a report with a local guard only yesterday night that his weapon was infact missing."

You are both suprised and yet not as the name of your suspect creeps its appearance into the conversation, the man pauses as a servant pours a glass of water and gives it to him. He takes a sip.

"This of course means that all charges of murder against you have been dropped - atleast for the time being, but I don't seem them being re-issued." He says pointing to Kataji. "Oh and you." He says pointing at Koden. "Don't let me forget you, despite that your service to our fair city was only small, your time was still used. I have papers regarding the trade between your Clan and my City being written up as we speak, you would just need to sign them when they are done - I believe I am available to co-sign the papers this afternoon." He smiles at Koden.


You have aweful feelings, your stomach hurts, your arms, your legs, your heads. The pounding in your head gets worse before finally there is silence. You open your eyes and close them again as sharp light from a barred window hurts your head. Slowly you open your eyes to reveal that you are laying down in a bed, bandaged and taken care of, next to you is a small jug of water and some lowly rations.

The last thing you remember was falling from a great height after being repelled from the city of Pai-San by a devlish Lim, and then darkness. You look across the room and notice you're not alone. Sitting with his legs up and looking kind of bored, a guard fiddles with his spear tightening the head onto the shaft - He hasn't noticed that you've awaken yet. Next to him, a sturdy wooden door although it doesn't look like its locked or barred - atleast not from this side.

Soon you hear voices, people discussing something no doubt. (You overhear the conversation above, plus anything that Gral or Cadrius post)

Wu! Naking! Such a distance you think, is it possible you've traveled from the Shu-Wei border at Pai-San to the Riverside port city of Naking in Wu? Such a distance indeed, atleast two weeks travel by fast horse back no doubt all within a near insant.

Your head reals at such force - you truely have to thank the gods that you're not dead or squashed flat like a futuristic batter based food.

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