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In the midst of his depression, Cadrius fails to notice the small dark figure slip into the bar so full of motionless patrons. Dressed in a midnight blue cloak of heavy silk, she has short, raven black hair. Cadrius looks up as she glides through the common room, but she fails to notice his gaze. She approaches the statue-like form of the dwarf the paladin remembers from the battle with the orcs and lightly places the palm of her hand on his brow. She wears a veil across the lower half of her face but from the wrinkles at the corner of her eyes you believe she might be smiling.

One hand draws the cloak aside displaying a short, bright sword. She draws it silently and slits the dwarf's throat from ear to ear. Oddly, the dwarf doesn't even move and no blood spurts from the wound. The sword disappears beneath the cloak once more and she gracefully moves to an empty table in the corner. One hand reaches up and unhooks the veil revealing the face of a young serious-eyed woman.

Almost as soon as she is settled, time once again returns to it's normal flow. Blood gushes from the dwarf's neck and he slumps forward on the table, dead, without so much as a sound. The strange woman does not stir and nobody seems to notice her, nestled as she is amongst the shadows.