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My initial thoughts on Susaliy so far:

Susaliy's homeland nation has been taken by the ocean in large part, but this is far from saying that they are gone. Two separate people came to be in the wake of the catastrophes caused by the tumultuous events that reshaped the world.

In fact a small faction of Susaliyan nobility actually managed to salvage one of their great cities from the worst of the damage caused by the Sundering. The city is still located on the island nearly a mile under the ocean. The residents of this city, the most preserved of any from the previous age, are largely a secret from the mainlanders. They prefer their solitude and go to great lengths to ensure their secret is safe from the mainlanders and their cousins; other Susaliyans that survived to Sundering. Their magics keep the heavy oceans from their city and powerful wards guard the secrets to their superior magic and technology that survived from the previous age. Trade has nearly come to a halt, but there are some goods that still must be obtained from the mainlanders. The Susaliyans still trade their metalurgic arts and other various crafted items they were famous for before the Sundering (such as leather goods and fine clothing.)

I have more but must run at the moment. I will add more later. Hopefully this will be enough to get your wheels turning.
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