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Post House Cleaning

To all those brave adventurer's that sought to take up the task of vanquishing evil and possibly saving the world, I thank you.


I have decided to put an end to this campaign world as it is currently known and restart anew.

I have some interest from various players in my new game that I am planning in the same world, but post-cataclysm. There will be little bits and peices of the history of the world and the gods as they were, but things will have changed quite a bit.

I am in the process of posting up background information for the world how it is now in my DM screen, then into the recources. After I am confident that I have covered enough to garner proper interest in the game and have enough content to get the game running better than my old one did then I will start it up.

As an apology to all my old players, those who are still around, you all have invitations into my new game if you'll have me. Even though I didn't show myself to be consistent and responsible with the last game I started I can assure you I that I am in a more stable place in my life having left a lot of my youth behind.

This new game will be based upon picking up the peices in a world changed by a cataclysm that shook the heavens and the earth. Mortals died by the millions and gods battled from the depths of the abyss to the highest of heavens in a war that changed the multiverse and even left the gods nearly extinct. A whole new and exciting world is born from the ashes of the old as the remnants of the races vie for control.

In the following weeks I will be posting more specifics of who and what survived, what knowledges and races still exist and what new ones have been born. I will be showing a lot more thought and explanation than in my last game and I hope everyone likes the various twists I have added to this post-cataclysmic setting. For the public view the first thing I will be posting is an epic made by a famous member of the Alumni of the Sun describing the last days as the gods battled across the skies of the prime and the very heavens and hells. Not all details of the end times will be revealed (except to the admins who look behind my DM screen) at first, but there will be many secrets and relics of the past the characters will have opportunities to discover throughout play.

I will be a little more restrictive as to what books are available in this game as the world is new and I'd like to take this opportunity to design my own prestige-class system that is campaign specific. This too will I reveal before the game starts as well as a few of the more widely-known prestige classes that will be available. Others I will keep hidden behind the DM screen until such a time as it becomes available to the players through discovery and roleplaying. I had given some thought to tweaking the classes to make the game even more of my own, but decided against it because of how time consuming it'd be and the fact that it'd probably come out unbalanced. I know how to deal with the imbalances that already exist in the core rules and don't need to throw myself a curve-ball. Some magics will be unknown and unavailable in the world at the start of play, but there is always the chance of unearthing something from the past in a long-forgotten tomb or lair. Divine magics will be restricted to include the presense of half-gods - this I will explain in more detail later.

Feel free to ask any questions if any come to mind and you'd rather not wait for me to get around to posting that info. A lot of material is already rough-drafted in various notepads I've been scribbling in over the past several months and I'll be polishing up my grammer and spelling and posting it here starting today.

Any information from the Into the Wilds campaign has been moved into the End Times forum in case you'd like to refer back to info from the past or your old characters.
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