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2011 Annual ORP Coolest Avatar Award™

Well it has officially been two years (two days ago) since I started trying to run this place into the ground, and so far you all have resisted me. I think you deserve some sort of reward for that like ... oh I know, The 10th Annual Online-Roleplaying Coolest Avatar Award™! It deserves to be bolded.

On this day for each of the past 10 Years, mysterious arcane powers have called on the denizens of Orp to gather and pretend that the poll isn't rigged compete. This year is no different and none shall be released from this dark spell until we find out who has the Coolest Avatar of 2011™! (Bold)

Feel your mind's eye burn as you cast it across the god-like visages of our past winners. WhoNaN, BigRedRod, LeeCHeSSS, Noocytx, Gralhruk, jiffypop and undefeated three time champion itches. TREMBLE - for only one of you shall be found worthy of joining their exalted rank.

The rules are simple and I'll run through them here for those who are new or have forgotten:
  • For one week from the time of this post, nominations will be open
  • You can only nominate yourself,
  • Your avatar can be anything (provided it's appropriate for this site i.e. no vulgar pictures),
  • The avatar need not be your own creation
  • You can't re-enter an avatar that has already won
  • And don't change your avatar once you have nominated yourself

These rules came to me in a dream. I was suspended beneath a bridge when a jester crawled across the underside to whisper them in my ear with unclean breath that hinted at forbidden revelations. Or is that too much information? Also remember to include a six word or less description or I'll make one up for you. I may do that anyway because really, who's going to stop me.

Once the nominations are collected they will be placed in a poll that will remain open for another seven days (my time), at the end of which the winner will be announced (for those who have trouble understanding what the pretty-coloured-lines and numbers mean) and given their ceremonial bragging rights - we suggest putting the phrase "Winner of the 2011 Coolest Avatar Award™" in your signature.

Don't miss out on this rare chance to never feel clean again!
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