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When she started out she was smug and sure, the emptiness inside her all but forgotten. At first, travelling alone - without the burden of companions who had the excruciating habit of pushing her in directions she didn't want to go - was exhilarating. The waste was cruel and hard, but at least it didn't force her mind to consider anything except survival. Unfortunately, the necessity of covering her tracks meant that it was going to take longer to finish this journey than she would like.

Get to the Citadel, drop off the stone, and then leave the wizards and this broken land forever. That was the plan. Then she'd be free to go whereever she wanted - maybe find a city where she could earn an honest living thieving, with no moral quandries about rescuing prisoners and no involvement in wars over arcane paraphenalia.

Two days of hard travel later and she was barely recognizable as the same person that had left camp. Her face was pale, drawn, grey eyes dull, fingernails jagged. Shade had pushed herself forward without rest, the whole while covering her trail in a meticulous fashion. Sweat and grime covered her like a blanket.

Her mind was fuzzy, and with only a day of travel left to go, something tells her that she needs rest and fire and food if she is to go on. Her body does these things, and when she wakes her eyes have assumed a look of grim purpose, though otherwise her appearance is unchanged. The one time thief no longer bothers hiding her trail, instead moving with all possible speed to her destination.

Hours later and Shade can see the Citadel on the horizon. Relentlessly , she pushes forward. Soon it would all be over. The stone is gripped in one clawlike hand, its edges digging into her palm.

Swinging wide around the bulk of the Citadel, she aims for a small rock outcropping and the squat outbuilding that sits atop it. Near the base, she ducks beneath thick, thorny branches and slips her hand into a crevice between two boulders. A small trap door opens with a rumble. Without pause, she uses the handholds cut into the stone to lower herself in the darkness.

The trap above slides shut, leaving no trace that she had ever been.