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I am initially hesitant to do so, if only because a lot of these first few stories are moulded on character action, conduct and player decision making; my constantly having to NPC folks would force me to direct the story more pointedly, which is not what I want.

That being said, a minimum of one post a week is perfectly reasonable as a recommendation - anyone who can't manage that without due reason won't be in the game long anyways - and I will, from this next post onward be ending all my GamesMaster posts with a deadline for player responses. Those who miss these (without reason to why) will not be waited for, but will be NPC'd; constant failure to post three times in a row (again without reason to why) will result in the player being removed.

I think that's fair. We've a good game here, and I don't intend for it to dry up like some of the other games on the site (this is aimed at none in particular; I merely notice that a lot die from lack of attention).

Update!: I've added a Player Response Deadline to my last GamesMaster post. Be sure to check it, as I will be moving forward with the game at that point, so get said/done all that you want your character to say/do.

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