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OOC Thread

As mentioned on the Aegis forums, please move your first posts to the new website so that we can continue, and place your character sheets in the character sheet sub-forum.

My intention is to keep a good pace, and in order to do that I will be adopting a few rules my Rokugan GM has started using:

1) Post deadlines: From this point onwards, I will be placing deadlines of about a week, more or less, to respond to each storyteller post. This is to encourage everyone to keep the story moving, since one person's negligence of the game slows everyone else down and ruins it for them. I don't foresee this being a major problem for our own group, but I'm putting the rule in place anyway.

If after the appointed time your character has not posted, I will take control of them myself and roleplay in your place to allow the story to continue. If this continues for four weeks with no prior notice to me about why you are absent, I will start working the character out of the story.

2) Dialogue: When your characters interact with NPCs or each other through conversation, I encourage you to use our ventrilo chat box or something equivalent with the other party so that you can finish the discussion quickly. Just type out the dialogue, as we did in Champions Online, then have one of the two participants copy//paste the entire chat log into the thread as a single post.

3) Length Requirements: I don't plan on strictly enforcing this, but I prefer it if players attempted to write at least 10 sentences per post if outside of dialogue. If you can't think of anything to fill those sentences, talk with me and we can arrange some background for you. Posts need to be constructive and substantive for everyone to get something out of the game.

The person who posts will have editing rights for the post, and as such should clean up the text so that it easy to read and consists with the rest of the thread's format. You can then add your own character's narration to make the storytelling more fluid if you want (which I highly encourage). Drenik's first post was a collaborative effort by him and myself, and I think it turned out well. Let's keep it up.

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