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hmm... It would appear that when I went on vacation my brain never came back I was going to post my character concept but I forgot I even looked at this... I forgot all about that. As to a character concept I'd like to play a psion. If the Psionic races are allowed I'd play a half giant but since I don't think they are I would play a halfling psychic warrior.
As for a background my character first discovered her Psionc abilities when, she was younger, she was on her way to the local pub when a goblin raid took place the goblins surrounded her and in a final act of desperation used form of doom and managed to escape the goblins. The encounter left her badly weakened and she collapsed. She awoke to find the city in flames.
Now on to why she became an adventurer: after honing her Psionic abilities(by finding and killing as many monsters as she could) she began to search for a greater purpose
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