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Rina nods absently at Calliste's question, her mind unwilling to leave the subject of Biate.

"Sometimes I believe our Yavan enjoys such punishment. A dying god might be attractive. Is there such a thing as coincidence where the divine is concerned?"

The idea that gods needed humans to survive disturbed her. These supposedly great beings feeding off of humans like parasites.

Like vampires.

Rina leaves the thought unspoken, eyes watching her foot as it traced graceful designs in the snow. She considers anew Yavan's tragic past, wondering about the impact of the world, how she would have fared in his position. Would she be as jaded? Perhaps, but she thinks that if all the world were a wonderful garden still Yavan would somberly search for snakes among the flowers. She remembers their argument after the Feast of Karthes - he had mentioned he was hunted by shadows because of Biate.

"After the Baron . . ." she falters momentarily before continuing, "Before we met Calliste on the road, you urged me to leave because you were hunted."

She looks suddenly at Yavan, face serious, dark eyes locked on his amber ones. The unspoken question hangs in the air, but she refuses to give it voice.

What hunts you?