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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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“There are few who do,” Yavan says. “Who would make it their business to know of a dying god? Or close enough to one for our purposes.”

I ask you this. What is prophecy?

He feels his companions’ eyes on him, heavy with surprise. Yavan shrugs. Of Ilials Biate, divine prophet, Yavan knows precious little. Biate was more than a man, but the question of his deification is unknown. There were those that followed his teachings as devoutly as any religious scriptures.

Remember this letter when you are facing the hardship that is coming.

Perhaps that is simply enough. There are, or were, those on this earth that believe in Biate’s words and prophecies with a fervent zeal. They were willing to risk their lives to help fulfill his works. The worshippers of the Beast sought to kill every one of them—men, women, and children. The risk they took was great and their belief strong. If Biate was not a god among the heavens, he was most certainly one in the truest sense of the word.

“That was no dream. I would know more of it, if you would tell me.”