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Calliste has to agree with Rina about the weather. Even bundled up as she is - she'd taken the advice of one of the merchants when they'd purchased their provisions and bought extra-heavy wool clothing, and a fur-lined cloak and boots - her teeth had seldom stopped chattering this past day or so. She stamps her numb feet, grateful for the warmth of the knee high boots, but unused to having her feet and legs enclosed so. Her toes are cramped, her fingers are frozen, and her nose is running! She can only imagine what the wind has done to her hair...

The litany of irritations that runs through the actress' mind is interrupted by the speaking of a name -


She'd been thinking about that dream a lot lately, actually. Calliste had mentioned it to Rina once, shortly after the night that she'd had it, and since that time she'd been trying to figure out how much significance it had for her life. Oddly, Rina had had a strange dream the same night. She'd spoken of it lightly but Calliste knew that it had troubled her.

"The gods will often have different names in different lands. But I have never heard of this Biate before, not by that name or any other," Calliste admits. "I've thought about it and still can't decide if the dream was a true sending or not. If it was, what was the purpose? For Biate to make me the offer, I suppose. And Iakchos approved of it, or at least condoned it.

"Or did I really just dream up the whole thing? I can't imagine why but I suppose it's possible that I'd invent a strange god! Then again, what about the similarities between the end of both our dreams? That can't be a coinicidence.

"Not all light is good . . .

"Not all death is evil . . ."

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