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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Winter is here.

It first caught them on the way through Charonís Pass. The morning sky had turned from cobalt to steel and the crisp air held the promise of wind and snow. By mid-afternoon flakes swirled down from the heavens, collecting upon the ground. Stones and trees were marked with winterís kiss. It was just the first blush of a long affair.

The snow was sparse at first, only faintly collecting upon the branches of the evergreen trees. However, by nightfall it had begun accumulating on the trail and drifting as the wind howled through the pass.

Only partly shielded from the elements, the three bards huddled close to the fire that night. Yavan had placed his instruments between him and the fire, hoping to keep the delicate wood from cracking in the cold.

Their destination was Eastbrook. It was at Yavanís behest that they winter far away from any cities and the nobility that rule them. Since the night that he had dreamed, the faintest snatch of a tune has plagued his every thought. It lurks beneath the surface of his mind, haunting him. Every so often a bar will come to him, and his mind seizes upon it, turning it over and over until itís all he can hear.

He needs the seclusion of Eastbrook to chase this song. Given the isolation and lack of trade during the winter months, coin may not suffice to keep them fed and housedó

Not all peace is restful.

óand so the bards may need to ply their trade. Keeping the simple logging folk entertained will be easy enough, and Yavan will have all the cold, snowy days to chase this song and make it his, at any cost.