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Originally Posted by SleepyDaysDreamyNights # IC: Nina pulls her head out of the crevasse and gasps when she sees her party in danger. Not quite sure what's going on, she rushes over to support James and help him retreat.

Looking over her shoulder, Nina calls out to Annie and Delanty. "Annie Mae! Mr. Delanty! Are you alright?"
IC: Both have seen better days. Delanty is bleeding a bit from his left ear, but otherwise seems fine. Annie Mae is her old surly self. Both follow Nina's lead and head for the crevasse. Delanty helps drag the Capt. in and with the help of Annie Mae they secure the passageway.

It would appear that both sides would rather tend to their wounded then give pursuit or prolong combat. The party has a safe heaven, and some breathing room; but for how long?
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