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I mentioned this in another thread, but I'm currently too busy to resume all of my games. This one and Containment are going to remain on hiatus until the house has been listed for a couple of weeks.

Sorry! I'm using the time I could spend on this game to generate material for our Eberron game, so I'm assuming you won't be too mad

My long-term view on AoW as a play-by-post is that we should at least try to do modules #5 (the current one, which we are about a third of the way through) and #6. It's probably unrealistic to think that we can do them all in this format since the pace is so slow, but even covering two of the modules would be a victory, in my opinion. It keeps the campaign alive and fresh on our minds while we're knee-deep in Eberron - Mycroft keeps reminding me that I've never finished a campaign, and I fully intend to finish Eberron before I do anything else, which means by the time we're done it'll probably have been a good five years since we sat down at a table and played AoW.

Does this seem like a reasonable goal? I just want to keep things realistic, so we don't feel like this was a failed venture if we decide to call it quits after #6 concludes. I am pretty sure we can get through two modules, especially once I finish remaking all the maps with DJ/maptool. Most of the gestalt conversions are already done, so it's just a matter of running the things once the maps are done.
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