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The elf Laronar watches on shockingly at the encounter with the 3 uncouth's and the blindman sitting at the table with Nicos and his new prospect.

The burly man seated with the group rises from his seat and follows the trio out of the Inn. A scowl on his face and a look that would make a lion cower.

Hmm.......this will not end well; for either company I would imagine.

Laronar makes his way up to the bar to where Nicos stands ordering dinner.

"Nicos be careful, if that man should return he shall have no patience for you. I doubt things will end peacebly with that man and the trio of roughians."

Laronar seats himself next to Nicos on a wooden stool by the well lit bar. A look of concern upon his face Laronar, slouching over the wooden bar. It would not have been five minutes before the man who pursued the trio returned to the Inn. Hands bloodied he paces off upstairs in deep thought, a look of concern riddled his face. Making no attempt to talk to his companions who now sit puzzled, silent, and wondering what to do now.

"There is a seat at my table if you wish to join my Nicos, perhaps they would rather be alone for the remainder of the evening."

Placing his hand upon Nicos shoulder Laronar lingers at the bar for a while.
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