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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius nods wearily and answers the unasked question put forth by the party. This inn would do, at least for tonight anyway. The lacerations, bruises, and other assorted injuries fill the fallen paladin with a dull ache. All he wants is a hot bath and a soft bed to sleep on. He reaches up and rubs one worn hand against the rough stubble on his cheek, a shave would be nice too.

He is initially buffeted by the noise and heat as he makes his way into the Inn, Paladin a step behind him. For a brief moment the light, the laughter, and the general merriment sickens him. He frowns and shakes it off, he had been on the road too long, on the run too long.

As he moves across the room his eyes are hard like wrought iron. He gazes back and forth, marking any that might bring them trouble, and he knows that Shade, and quite likely Paladin, are doing the same thing. It is an Inn in a frontier town and it would undoubtedly attract all sorts of seedy characters. For a moment he rues the desctruction of his blade and the loss of his armor. He had given Paladin his plate mail back the night before, feeling awkward thanking the man for its protection and apologizing for breaking his greatsword. He is unarmored and the only protection he carries is the dagger in his belt, and the large club dropped by the gnoll warrior he had fought. Hopefully the runes and symbols carved in the massive club would discourage any would-be thugs, brigands, or thieves.

Several men in one corner laugh and guffaw at one's dirty joke. These were rough men, frontier men, and were Cadrius five years younger he might have been appalled at the atmosphere, but now the dirt and crude behavior only stir vague feelings of distaste.

He moves to an empty table in the back and moves to sit down before suddenly stopping and taking a step back. He reaches out and pulls out three of the chairs, one for Maeko, one for Shade, and one for the blind man Cadogan. He is embarassed by his action but courtesy is the stronger of the two and he mutters something about bringing a bit of decency to this place before taking his seat with his back to the wall.

His eyes flick from the entertainer to the elf and back again and they narrow ever so slightly as they speak, forming a familiar tone. Two thieves working in conjunction to scam the weary travelers? It is a common enough ploy and the fallen paladin is instantly on guard.

"No, I do not think we wish company," Cadrius says warily as he folds his arms over his chest, "but I do thank you for your offer."