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From Across the Room

From across the room sits an Elf; silent; nursing a bottle of fine elven wine. Parties of townsfolk drink joyously throughout the tavern; but despite the festive surroundings the Elf remains silent barely lifting his head from the table. Not until a new party enters the Inn; a group adventurer's which look to have fared a battle or two along throughout their journey to town. The one armed entertainer Nicos makes himself known to the group; flamboyant and curtious.

Hehe....Nicos what can he be up to. Plaguing the poor girl no doubt..........cheeky fellow.

Rising from his seat the elf clad in earth tone; a pale brown cloak drapped around his tall; slender form makes his way over to the newcomers; the fine elven wine in hand. Long silverery grey hair flows down his back like the heavenly River Ocean of Elysium.

"Do not trust this one my lady; he has enraptured many a woman within town before tonight."

Says the elf jokingly with a smile; his deep blue eyes fixed on the baldish girl baring Nicos' introduction.

"But where are my manners; my name is Laronar Infini. Do you mind if I sit with you all for a drink. I have a bottle of fine elvish wine if you care to share it with me." Motioning for a seat.
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