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Chapter 4 - Back in Karkas

The weary band presses on as long as their aching bodies will respond before settling down for the evening. They tend to their wounds as best they can and set about the business of dinner, chewing more out of habit than any enjoyment of the tough journey bread and salted meat in their packs. There is little talk around the campfire that night; perhaps the flames remind them too much of the passing of one of their own, perhaps they are filled with thoughts of their own mortality.

Thankfully, the night is uneventful and they rise somewhat refreshed though some pains will take longer to fade than others. It is hard to say what thoughts run through each mind; the shining righteousness of evil vanquished, the dark caverns of self-loathing, the still waters of inner harmony, the bloody light of a new dawn, or the warm wind of change. Whatever they might be, they remain uniquely individual. Though fate has pushed them together they have not yet learned to lean on one another. In a way, their trust is as fragile as the light frost that covers the ground in the pre-dawn gloom.

The day passes with only a brief rest and a meager meal before they press on, anxious now to reach their destination. Their exertions are rewarded as the sun begins to sink in the west. From the heights they can see the frontier town beneath them; sizable but rustic. It is ringed with a palisade and a few watchtowers, with gates on each of it's four sides.

Declaring themselves at the gate, they are allowed passage into the town with little more than a gate tax and a few words of caution. The dusty street is relatively empty and lights shine from within several buildings. There is a large, inviting inn just down the street.