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Originally Posted by Lune # The greatest gift though (sarcasm) was that I got my credit card info stolen and while the money ($300 spent at Meijer in Mesa, AZ?) was all reimbursed it still fucked up our finances for a time right near Xmas and I had to cut up my credit card as a new one was issued. No idea how that even happened as I hadn't even bought anything with it. I was just using it for paying our normal bills.

Then Kim was trying to use her card at an ATM and accidentally entered the wrong code. She noticed this while she was doing it and hit cancel but apparently it was too late for that. The machine ate her card.

Then on the way back home from my mom's place up north my car's hood decided it wanted to open while I was going 70mpg down the express way. The resulting smack of the hood hitting the windshield scared the shit out of us and spider webbed the car window. Hood is dented too. No idea what caused it to decide to do this. Great expense for us to have at a bad time.
Originally Posted by SinbadEV # Sounds like a successful holiday, I got a nasty case of pink eye in my left eye and had to put drops in it for 3 days (all better now).
I suddenly feel bad for complaining about my self inflicted, chocolate induced nausea.
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