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Originally Posted by elmer_jok # Does that mean I have +2 will saves from Iron Will and another +3 from the additional powers of the amulet or was the +3 supposed to mean the Iron Will? I looked it up and Iron Will only gives you +2 to will saves. Also, I've never seen the Lionheart feat anywhere, is the +6 to fear effects coming from that? I'm guessing that you meant +2 from Iron Will and +6 to fear effects from Lionheart. Is that correct?

I'm loving this scenario coffee. The others have all been fun, but this one is turning into a truly exciting and high adventure adventure. Keep up the great work man and mucho props to all the other players for helping make it the great way it is.
Iron Will gives you +2 and Lionhearted gives you another +1 for a total of +3 bonus. The Lionhearted feat comes from a book called Ultimate Feats from Mongoose Publishing - I was looking for something related to bravery and such and just happened upon it in my "vast" library of pdf's.

When Mirko bellows that warcry...there's gonna be some shit stained breeches! Can't wait.

Thanks for the compliments too and ditto on the kudos for you fellers posting the way you do. It's a thrill to read your posts.

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