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Ben took a step back when Shade looked at him. The hatred in her eyes wasn't so shocking, but the pure, raw fury was. He was certain that his skin would just wither away, his bones reduced to ash, underneath that gaze. She held his gaze, and the way her eyes burned made it so he didn't dare turn away from it for fear of being made a target of that fury.

But she turned away from him after several agonizing seconds. Ben let out a breath he didn't even realize he'd been holding, hoping never to be under such a terrible gaze again. He started after the other woman, closing his eyes to calm his nerves from the intense experience before opening them again to see that he'd caught up to the smaller figure.

He fell in behind her, letting her scout out ahead. The only reason he'd even come along with her was becuase one: it had been his idea and two: he didn't want her to get caught without some support. It wouldn't do much good for him to have to explain to the others that she had disappeared when he suggested she scout things out.

So he just kept quiet and followed Shade, hoping for his sake that she would be able to keep herself from unleashing that fury from earlier.