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Ben moved away from the now unconscious warrior as Nicos mumbled something about a spell. Ben didn't even watch, too busy panting and trying to keep the ration he'd just eaten down in his stomach, leaning against one of the nearby rocks for balance. The smell of Cadrius' flesh burning was bad, but wasn't unbearable or a new sensation. But the sight of the blade searing and boiling the flesh, the look on the other man's was all too much like that night--

No. Ben closed his eyes, banishing the thoughts away. Now was not the time for that. The deed had been done, Cadrius was out now, and Ben didn't think it would be wise to move him. Ben looked up at the gathered group. Cadrius was out cold, and Nicos was the only one with any medical experience it seemed so needed to stay here. That left Blarth and the woman, what did Nicos call her again? Shadow? No, Shade, that was it.

Pushing himself away from the rock, he moved over to where she was, where the troll was still burning.

"Shade, Cadrius is out. I don't know for how long, but it'll probably be long enough for whatever friends this Troll may have had to come looking for us." Ben glances over where the more armored man lay against the rocks and looks back at the cloaked woman.

He doesn't like her. Maybe it was becuase of how she'd started that interrogation last night, or her saying she had been a theif before. Maybe there wasn't even a reason, but the tension in the air between them was so great it was almost tangible. She had been the one to spot the troll however, so it was obvious that her senses were more finely tuned than his.

"They're probably not anywhere near here, but lets you and me check out the surrounding area anyways. Maybe we can find someplace better than here to hide in while we wait for Cadrius to become mobile again."