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Taking the red hot blade, Nicos pressed it firmly over the wound. The stench of burning flesh rose up and enveloped the one armed man, assaulting his senses and calling forth memories he would prefer to forget.

-Oh shit, this is bad.-
-Is he going to die?-
-Thereís too much damned blood, I canít see.-
-Oh gods, the armís mangled.-
-Heís awake.-
-Shit, this would be easier if he was still out.-
-Nicos? Nicos, we need you to lie very still. Youíve been hurt very badly-
-Hold him down; Iíll try to make this quick.-
-Nicos; I need you to focus on my voice. Try to ignore everything else.-
-Damnit, is that blade done yet?-
-Here, bite down on this.-
-Just my voice, thereís only my voice.-
-Oh gods, oh gods! The blood is everywhere!-
-Give me that blade, now!-
-Itíll all be over soon.-
-Heís bucking! Hold him steady!-
-Oh gods, that stench! I think Iím going to be Ö urk.-
-Keep him down!-
-Itíll soon be alright, everything will soon be alright.-

Blinking tears away from his eyes and returning to the present, Nicos pulls the blade away from Cadriusí flesh and examines the wound, struggling to keep from screaming at remembered pain. The cauterization had done its job well, leaving only a little blood oozing from the main wound. Having stepped away from the struggling man, Nicos was caught off guard by one of the frenzied kicked, getting stuck firmly in the chest, and knocked to the ground.

Wincing at the bruises the blow had caused, the bard got back to his feet only to find Cadrius now passed out. Stepping in to examine the wound again, Nicos shook his head. It had improved, but not nearly an improved enough. Dropping the still red-hot dagger to the side, and still trying to shake the echoes of the past, the bard sighed and mutters aloud.

"Well at least he is unconscious now. This spell is an unpleasant thing."

Holding his hand level over the wound, Nicos began loudly chanting. Normally when the bard called upon the arcane to aid him, it was a quiet thing, barely audible. This time the effects were more noticeable.

Feeling the unnatural energies gather, the hair on the back of Nicos' neck stand on end as his chanting increases. A feeling of sickness grows in his gut, and the man struggled to continue chanting without upheaving his breakfast. The magic was unnatural, unpleasant, and building.

With another increase in volume, the bard jams his hand against the wound, and gave a mighty shudder as the power crawled through his body into that of the former paladin. His skin crawling almost uncontrollably, Nicos finally leaves the chant to die into echoes and removes his hand to reveal the wound. It's healing had been notably speed along. This coupled with the cauterization meant Cadirus was no longer in risk of death.

Having done all he could, Nicos steps away, and stumbles to the ground. Vainly attempting to blink away tears, the bard grasps for the flask that no longer hangs at his belt. Denied the escape of oblivion, the ghosts of the past overwhelm Nicos the Bard. Former member of the Brotherhood of the Raven's Claw. Former Whole-Man.
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