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Surayon watches from her concealment, noting the man moving over to the injured human with a blade that now glowed red-hot from the heat of the fire. Realising what is about to happen, she winces - this isn't going to be pretty, or pleasant, she well knows what happens to flesh when it is burned or seared.

Looking at the other human, she suddenly realises that that sense of something missing is caused by him missing an arm. Her rage subsides, replaced by confusion. The men she is on the trail of suffer no such injuries that she knows of, at least, not yet... a voice in her mind whispers. Indeed, from the little she has seen of them while stalking them, they look down on such people, sneering and insulting them. If a member of this group has one of those injuries, they were unlikely to be part of the group that destroyed her home, her life. In an agony of indecision, she recalls a saying her father once told her, "Courtesy costs nothing". So be it, father, you teach me even now... She hunkers down into her cover, deciding that she will go down to the group, but not until after the red-hot blade has done its work - distraction at this point would only be harmful.
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