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A mile west of the party, a slight figure makes its way swiftly over the scree, heading east. Violet eyes scan the ground, then the surroundings, then the ground again, ceaselessly searching for clues, tracks, indications of life. Hands clutch convulsively over the hilts of a matched pair of blades, a longsword and a shorter, narrower, sword.

Surayon bites back her fury. She has been tracking her latest prey for two days now, following week old tracks the bandit made as he headed straight for the hills. Overlaying the tracks are fresher, bigger tracks, the tracks of a much more imposing creature; a troll, maybe, or an ogre. It is at most a quarter hour ahead, maybe even less. This development could delay her vengeance, maybe even prevent her from accomplishing it.

A darker part of her mind whispers inside, find it, kill it, it will hinder our goal, it may take our prize, it cannot be allowed to interfere with our quest...
She forces the voice down, trying to find some measure of calm. The creature could hinder her goal, simply by forcing her to divert around it. Maybe she should at least track it back to its lair...

A roar erupts from just ahead. Drawing an arrow and nocking it in one motion, she races forward, her thoughts torn between fear, anticipation and a sudden flare of excitement. Whatever the reason, whatever the cause, she was involved now.
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