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Ben takes the bard's dagger and nods when he was told to take it over and heat the blade. He realized the bard's intent, and quickly turned to jog over to the small fire that the woman was building. He caught the bard's question to the other warrior but not the answer.

He glanced over at where Blarth was still pummeling the troll with his club, the blows inflicted by the massive weapon smashing the creature's bones constantly. But the constant snapping and popping noises from the body showed that his blows were futile at killing the beast, just as the half-orc had claimed.

Hopefully he can keep the thing down until the fire is ready.

The thought passed through Ben's mind as he came upon Shade's position. He moved around the small furrow so he wouldn't get in her way and hunched down. Without looking up at her he put the small weapon into the fire, waiting anxiously for the blade to turn red with the heat from the flame. Time was precious, the other warrior could easily bleed to death from his wounds.