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Looking at the wound, Nicos’ breath caught in his throat. Rather then a single messy gash, he is faced 1 messy gash, and 2 ugly but not as dangerous looking ones. Together all three were conspiring to pump out more blood then the bard would have preferred, but not as much as if a vein or artery had been severed. Luck, the gods, or his armour had saved the man’s life, but only barely. A little deeper and it would have taken the attention of a Cleric, or skilled surgeon to save his life, neither of which Nicos was. Washing the blood out of the way with a liberal amount of water, Nicos braced himself for what he had to do. It would be ugly, and painful – almost as much to himself as to Cadrius.

Handing his blade over to Ben, the man quickly issues out a set of instructions.

"Take this blade to the fire Shade is cooking, and heat it until it's red-hot. And tell her to hurry up; I'm going to need more help here."

Turning back to Cadrius, Nicos pulls out his flask, and takes a swig before handing it over to the former paladin, and looking him in the eyes.

"Cadrius," he begins. "My options are limited out here, but I need to stop the wound from bleeding, and I need to do it now. This is going to hurt, it's going to hurt a lot, but you still have a choice. You can remain awake for what is about to happen, or you can be unconscious. I can't decide for you; either path is going to be harsh, so it's up to you."
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