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Twin blades cleave a parallel track through the rotting flesh and bone before her and in their wake body parts tumble to the already littered ground. She takes a deep breath of icy air as she slides half a step backward, blades spinning to cover her against the next attack. Time had slowed, giving her ample opportunity to plan each attack, each counter, with expert precision. There were no wasted movements, no elaborate flourishes; every single motion was integral to the dance of life and death that engaged her.

Even so, she could feel the vast inevitability piling upon her consciousness even as the corpses piled themselves around their human wall. A mortal body, no matter how resolute, could only be pushed so far. Her chest was working like a bellows now, her body drenched in sweat despite the cold, her limbs filling slowly with lead. She could keep those things shut out of her mind using the wall of her will, but like the dead around them sooner or later she'd be forced to let them in. And then it would be over.

Cadrius' shout cuts through her thoughts like a shaft of light through the dark. She knew he was right, they weren't going to be able to hold out much longer. Shade could stay and die and be at peace with that, with fighting until she got pulled under by the horrific tide, but that would doom others to the same fate. Others that they might save. She didn't know what he had in mind, but there wasn't any time for debate; the choice was there before her, to do as he bid on faith alone or doubt him and find her own way. Blarth is already moving to obey and she has a moment to make her choice. The old Shade might have been torn, might have hesitated, in selfish fear or stubborn pride, but not now. She wasn't the same anymore.

Shade times her retreat perfectly, spinning away so that she falls in step with Blarth as he rushes by, her blades held high and ready for a devastating attack as they slam into the line.