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*thump* *thump* *thump*

Another of the not-dead is incapacitated, but there are plenty more to take its place. Looking around, Blarth realizes that he's fighting a losing battle at this point. He is no longer inside a closing ring of not-dead. The front of the ring has closed on the ring of wagons, passing him by and cutting him off. He's alone, forcing his way through a growing see of not-dead as the caravan's casualties rise to reinforce the ranks of their attackers.


Blarth's rear connects with the dirt as he trips over something. Reacting more on instinct than tactics, Blarth pours mental energy into reinforcing his defenses, creating invisible barriers between himself and his attackers as he struggles to stand.


Feathers sprout from face of a not-dead looming over Blarth, knocking it back and making it's movements uncoordinated and erratic. Taking advantage of the momentary breathing room, Blarth scrambles to his feet and takes stock of his surroundings.

*thock* *thock*

Two more not-dead sprout arrows and are momentarily stalled by the impact and damage that they cause. Glancing towards the ring of wagons, Blarth spots Juni and another figure with bows in hand atop one of the wagons.

Please don't hit me!

Forcing his attention back to the more immediate danger, Blarth spots what he had tripped over earlier: the chopping block that had been set up to cut firewood. On the ground beside it, Blarth spots his club, lying beside the large handled splitting axe. Raising his eyebrows as realization dawns, Blarth shoves a not dead out of the way and reaches for the wooden handle.

*chop* *chop* *chop*

Axe firmly in hand, Blarth begins mowing through not-dead, separating limbs from bodies rather than just breaking them, opening a path and quickly making progress into the ring of wagons.
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