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Juni sits bolt upright in near total darkness, woken from a deep sleep by...

What was it?

I thought I heard shouting.

Nothing but silence now. Dead silence.

It must have been a dream again.

The calm reason of her psi-crystal slows the hammering of her heart. But she does not relax yet.

A dream? Or a presentiment of something?

She continues to listen to nothing, straining her ears for the slightest rustle in the grass or sigh of wind. It had sounded like a woman's voice shouting an alarm. It had sounded like Shade.

Juni had been having so many strange and confusing dreams lately, most of which she could not remember clearly when she woke. They echoed in her head afterwords though, disturbing images or feelings of fear and dread. She rarely managed to get a decent night's sleep any more.

But this had sounded real, and she could remember it vividly, unlike the dreams. Not the words, no. But that sense of alarm and, and.. urgency.



Something like that. Something about the fire? 'To the fire'?

Well, I'm wide awake anyway. I might as well have a look outside.

Juni braces herself and then flings away the warmth of her blankets and bedroll. Even inside the wagon the air was icy cold most nights and stung her unprotected skin. She typically wore several layers of undergarments beneath her night clothes, plus a couple pair of woolen stockings for her feet, plus a cap for her head, plus a scarf for her face. She could hardly remember the last time she had felt really warm when she slept.

But she barely notices the frigid air now as a feeling of dread begins to creep over her.

'Ware!' echoes in her mind.

Urgently, she feels around in the dark for her boots and her sword.

'Wake, lest evil take us!'

Where is her bow? And her cloak?

'To the fire!'

She has gathered her things and is just sticking her head out the back of the wagon when the real shouting begins.