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Shade's insides flutter with fear as she beholds those silent figures of menace, creeping forward on dead limbs with deadly intent. It was a moment long dreaded, face to face with her fear for the first time since Skathros had assaulted them during Isac's ritual. The horror of it all was that she had grasped the inevitability of this confrontation even then, yet for all her preparation she was unprepared. There was no running now, no hiding, no room for doubt or fear. There was only the fight, where they would live or die; the past ended here and it was here the future would be decided.

Fear drowns as the human well of determination rises abruptly within, flooding her body with the will to live, the desire to put an end to that which would end them. In a sudden explosive movement, she rips the twin blades from their sheaths and brandishes them high; they glitter in the moonlight, cold and deadly.

"'Ware the camp! Wake! Wake, lest evil take us!"

She charges back toward the camp, the time for stealth long gone, shouting the while. As she gets there, the others are streaming confusedly from the wagons, in various states of readiness. Tucking one blade under her arm, she hurls several logs onto the fire; it wanes for a few moments before blazing up brighter than before.

"To the fire; anyone who can wield a weapon on the outside!"