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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Cadrius blinks in surprise as the barrage of conversation from the halfling woman.

"Er," "why than-," and "Well," is what he manages to stammer and slip into the conversation before she is off leaving the tall man feeling a little bashful after receving a compliment from a halfling. The words actually bring a touch of color to his cheeks and a slight smile to his mouth before it flees before his somber state once again.

"Pleased to meet you Cappuchina, my name is Cadrius," he finally says once she's moved onto another person to speak to. He sighs but his step seems a bit lighter as he approaches the others by the fire.

"Are you ladies well?" he asks stepping fully into the firelight, "I noticed one of you were down during the fight and I feared the worst."

His gaze flicks back and forth between the women and the gray cloak, listening intently to his story. He nods a bit perplexed and a bit disturbed by the accusations of witchcraft but he shrugs and lets it go. He had no right to judge anyone anymore.