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Okay, there doesn't seem to be any objection to you joining eventually. However, at the present time we've got characters scattered all over the place. Basically, I think it's best if you wait until we all get to part 3 (the new thread) before you start posting. Hopefully it won't be too long, but it could take a little while.

Other than that, just two things I wanted to mention about your character. First, we've already got a paladin and a fallen paladin. There isn't a problem having a third, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware that we already had two in case it mattered to you.

The other thing is about equipment. We're starting with half of second level funds - that is, a total of 450 gp. It doesn't seem like any of your equipment is out of the ordinary, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Basically, standard PHB equipment and DMG magic (not that you can afford much of this) - no firearms or anything like that.

Any questions?
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