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Cadogan casts another spell, weaving not only his hands but his body in a hope to confuse the Orcs long enough to keep their onslaught back. Another explosion of flame errupts from his hands, killing the wounded Orcs. Only one Orc remains badly wounded, He swings weakly at Cadogan before dropping his axe and turning to run back to its leader.


Over the ridge out of sight the leader hears the explosions of flame and makes a brutal choice. Picking up a torch, he kicks over a barrel of human alcohol, probably hidden here for safe keeping by the humans he followed to this cave.

The Alcohol spills across the floor covering many other such barrels, some with powder some with liquid. The large Orc walks towards the exit, only a few feet from safety turning one last time he sees his fellow Orc making a mad dash from two figures in the distance. He smiles and throws the torch before running.

The Entire chamber errupts in flames as the cavern is blown clean of any air from the explosion. The barrels of alcohol light up bright igniting the barrels of blasting powder which in turn explode and jump across the chamber shaking is very foundation bring down tons up tons of rock to cover the exit.


The two adventurers are blown back off their feet from the explosion. As they strain for breath air weakly, the intense heat of the cave blows against their skin. Laronar opens his eyes to see an inferno ahead of them only getting closer and closer...
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