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Pressing down the hallway as quietly and fast as he can, Cadogan feels a sort breeze blow against his face. Laronar too feels the breeze. Such a breeze would indicate an opening somewhere ahead.

Turning the nearest corner Laronar is shaken at the ammount of light being released from the chamber, especially for an underground crypt, but things soon come to light as the elf spots several tents, both Orcish and a more traditional Human style tent, although clearly Orcs now inhabit them.

Around the room are atleast three fires, various crates, and barrels, along with a small company of Orcs, atleast a dozen. The Orc which fled kneels before a large battle scared Orc who listens intently to the other's grunts. The larger Orc seems agitated before finally it raises its spiked mace and brings it crashing down on the "weakling's" head killing the Orc instantly.

Throughout the chamber there is a great rally cry as the Orc's prepare for battle.

"Hearing the cry Cadogan shifts his position fearing that they had been spoted. Now would be a good time to make a move, if any." The mage speaks in hushed tones to his comrade.
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