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Cadogan goes into the arts of casting a spell and sparks of electricity jump though the air Cadogan finishes his spell with one final movement of his hand, however instead of Cadogan's hand Shrivel errupts into a spark of electricity.

"Shrivel Go!" Cadogan calls to his familiar and the bird takes flight towards the Orcs who stumble as they see some sort of demon-bird glowing with a blue magick aura. One Orc raises his axe and tries to swat Shrivel out of the Air, but the bird gracefull as ever dives under the lumbering swing and continues to the Orc, swooping around behind its body where a crackle is heard. The Orc screams as electrical energy discharges through its body. Shrivel comes out one side and the bird makes its way back to Cadogan who waits paitently.

[Orc AOO missed at 5+3 = 8 vs. Shrivel's 14]
[Shrivel Touch Attack 15+4 = 19 vs Orc's Touch AC 10]
[Damage 1d4+1 electrical, Rolled 3+1 = 4 damage to Orc]

The Orc recovers from the charge and angerily races after Cadogan's bird, his companion follows. The two Orcs who enter grunt at each other before one rushes back down the hall into darkness and the second draws its Javalin and prepares to throw it.
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