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Wherefore art thou, Romeo - and more importantly where is that @#$! mind flayer?!?!

I'd like to be able to tell you that we have come up with a perfect mapping solution. Well, to be honest, we have but our cruel and draconic nature prevents us from sharing it with the likes of you people. Instead, we will present you with a vaunted (but not quite perfect) mapping solution.

Let's pretend that you have labored long and hard in the image editing program of your choice to make the perfect map for an imminent combat. While you were at it you made a bunch of nifty tokens to represent the PCs and possibly even their adversaries. You've also taken the time to upload all of that crap to the internet.

So perhaps this is your map:

And these are your tokens:

Now, of course, you are saddled with the burden of getting everyone's location and then scurrying back to your image editing program (up hill, both ways) to combine those things for round one and then upload the entire mess again. And then you get to repeat that task (no doubt fighting off bears with your notebook as you trudge upwards through two feet of snow) each and every round for as long as the combat should last.

Wouldn't it be great if there were some way to make this entire process easier? Well, some folks are born to be great and others have greatness thrust upon them, while the rest of you will have to make do with the [gridmap] tag.

Read further for the exciting details.
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