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I'm Thinking of Buying a Surface Pro 2Actually, I was thinking about getting a Kindle. I do almost all of my reading while I'm on the train to-and-from work, and that means I can't read ebooks. Sometimes I'd feel like I'd quite like to read an ebook, there are books I'm interested in that I know I'd only read once and don't want them cluttering up my bookshelf afterwards. This goes without mentioning some of those books which are ebook only - when is Finster Effect going to come out on paperback?

So it seems like the kindle is a good place to start, and at $89 it's dirt cheap even with shipping. The problem is that as roleplayer, I also want to read RPG rulebooks which means I need to be able to read PDFs. The bottom of the range kindle isn't great at that, so I'd have to look at something higher up like the Kindle Fire.

The inevitable question at this stage is, if I'm looking at a Kindle Fire, why not just buy the bullet and get an iPad? I mean Knights of the Old Republic has an iPad app and I quite like that game. The main problem with the iPad is that I don't like Apple products. I find that frustrating and the complete opposite of user friendly. The iPad is a throwback to the era of the one-button-mouse mac, using the cursor as an extension of your hand vs the multi-button-mouse using the cursor as an extensionn of your mind. It's like trying to make controlling a car be as similar to walking as possible – dumb and doomed to fail. The one button mouse solution failed before, and despite Apple's attempts to return to it with the iPad, it's going to fail again.

I'm drifting off topic here, the gist of it was that I find the iPad irritating and enjoy right clicking. The real point was the Knights of the Old Republic reference, I'm now thinking about adding the ability to run games to this device and most games I want won't run on an iPad.

My home PC doesn't … well really have a video card, so there are a lot of games that I'd like to play, but can't. If I'm after something that is portable, can run (and has access to) games, and has an interface that won't drive me crazy, it might be time to invest in a decent laptop.

But a laptop doesn't feel right, remember back at the beginning where I was talking about using it on a train? Well I've seen people try to use laptops on trains and it is awkward. Most of them make it work, but honestly I'd rather just read a paperback then mess around with a laptop wall of text.

So I want something that is both a laptop AND a tablet. The solution to that seems pretty obvious, the Microsoft Surface Pro. It will work as a tablet well enough for what I need, and I've heard it can handle gaming pretty well – at least well enough for my purposes as I'm looking to play older good games on it.

The major downside is the battery life is a bit limited, but the Surface Pro 2 just came which improved that, so if I'm going in that direction I might as well go all the way. I'd want one with decent storage, I'd also need a Type-Cover-Keyboard thing, and hell a mouse too for all that right-clicking I enjoy.

I'm feeling pretty good about this, it does pretty much exactly what I want and some more, and it will only cost me … ONE THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Fuck me that is a fuckton of fucking money!

You know, thinking about it, the Kindle is only $89, which is dirt cheap even with shipping.
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