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The Passing of Midnight: The Tale of A Skyrim HorseI was unsure about buying my first horse in Skyrim. I could afford it - but only just - and I really wanted to save up for a house so I could stash my gear somewhere, being homeless was starting to take it's toll on me. But the horse? Her coat was as dark as the night sky, her eyes as warm as a campfire, her muscles shifted under her skin with barely contained power. She was beautiful and I couldn't resist.

I called her Midnight and we were the best of friends. We went everywhere together and had many adventures that ranged from epic, to hilarious, to heart breaking. Through all of this I was always careful, whenever I went anywhere that seemed like it might be more dangerous than normal I would always walk her back to a quiet spot away from where I expected the action to take place.

One day I stumbled across a fortress housing an evil cult that I decided to investigate. I left Midnight in a sheltered part of the nearby woods and went sneaking in, slipping past the cultists without any of them being the wiser to my presence. Everything was going fine, in fact better than these things normally did, when I suddenly I heard a terrifying sound. A horse was screaming. I looked up at the rocks above the broken down fortress and my heart stopped. Midnight was there, rearing up over an evil mage as he shot evil jets of evil flame at her.

I don't know why she didn't stay in the woods, or why she came into the evil cultist's evil fortress. Maybe she got turned around and just happened across it while grazing? Maybe she got worried by the length of my absence and decided to come looking? I'll never know.

At this point I had no decent ranged abilities, I was a terrible archer and an even worse mage, so I sprinted towards them as fast as my legs would carry me. But no matter how fast I moved it didn't seem fast enough, each step came slower than the one before it, the sound of Midnight's screams echoing in the air as wave after wave of flame engulfed her.

I was almost there, just outside sword range, another quarter second, another half a step when the screams stopped. I watched, too late, too helpless to be able to do anything as she died.

Sometimes at night, when I close my eyes, and in the moments before I fall into sleep, I can still hear her.
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