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Kataji lingers on guard duty a bit longer than the others, waking up before it is her turn and rousing Koden a bit late. It isn't enough that they would necessarily notice, but combined she probably pulls about an hour extra of guard duty. After Koden wakes, she does not immediately go off to bed. Instead, she finds a suitable spot and practices the various martial art forms she studies, designed to continue building her strength, flexibility and coordination.

Her rest is short: she wakes well before the sun but spends the interim pretending to be asleep, practicing the art of using her mind to influence her body. The chill of the ground has soaked into her body, stiffening her muscles. Relaxing her mind, she drives it away by concentrating on the flow of blood from her heart to her extremities. Later, the sunlight touches her face and she opens her eyes to find Koden looking tranquil and well rested.

"I've seen hundreds, probably thousands, of sunrises but they never get old."

She smiles back briefly, liking Koden more the longer they travel together, but still feeling the shame of her deception. When he turns to begin fixing breakfast her smile disappears. Rising, she joins him by the fire and fairly well takes over the culinary preparations without being pushy.

"Have you done much travelling? Of course, you have come a long way to be here but have you travelled on your own like this?"