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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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"You won't mind if I drive, will you?"

He blinks and then chuckles at her response, saying, "You're a free woman again, I wouldn't deny you anything."

Koden checks the back of the wagon once more before joining his companion up front. Settling into the passenger's side he takes in the Wu city one more time before they set off. He feels a twinge of regret; by all rights he should be on a ship sailing home again, triumphant after his unexpected success in trade contracts. Still, would it matter that much? He is a scholar, a priest, not a warrior and until he begins killing men with a sword, approval will be hard to come by. Yet he might just do it, perhaps not through war and valor, but if he succeeds enough, they will not be able to deny his worth.

"It must feel good," he says, watching the road slowly pass beneath them, "being free again."