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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Koden turns and faces Kataji, looking at the woman he had grown to know since arriving in the city. She didn't trust him at first, fair enough, but had things turned out differently she could have easily been convicted, especially had it been revealed that she wasn't a guest. He rubs the bridge of his nose with one finger and holds her gaze for a moment.

His features remain calm, much like her own. Truth be told, he isn't certain how to feel. Could her deception have done anything other than to harm herself? He isn't sure, but clearly losing the case would have cost him and his family the trade agreement and he would have returned home in shame.

Ignore it. That is the past.

"If we're to go out into the world, the three of us will need to learn to trust each other. That means no more secrets, agreed?"