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yeah what Kahluah said. I'm not about to enforce those guidelines, as i tend to brake them more then anyone i know.

Also Cadirus, there are only 2 roads before you, for some unknown reason i told you people about the left road twice. <shugs> i blame the fact that i had been awake for well over 24 hours at that point.

Also i seem to have not said about the little plot device, where the first group to arrive at the Duke's will be paid extra. as it is too late now, never mind, just assume that you didnt hear of it.

They have been summoned to the Duke of Kitch's Daughters 18th Birthday, to perform and provide entertainment as is their lot in lives. A Great reward awaits those who arrive first, for The Duke of Kitch loves is daughter above all else in the land, and desires that this be a perfect event.
HuH!!! i did mention it, just in a criptic way. What ytou do now, well its up to you.

Edit Take 2:

oh and i was poitedly saying anything about ppl being away, we havent even been playing for a week yet.
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