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'Wait.', the Cylon says, sounding like some old man who forgot something. 'Show Me The Pictures Again'.

Gerald does so, and the Cylon stops at the picture above.

'This Person Is Also Registered In. She Left 34 Minutes Ago For Breakfast, And Also Asked Me Where She Could Get Some 'Long Haul'.'

The myriad drugs on the planet, Fictional and real, make it a little hard to keep track of all of them. If asked, the Cylon says:

''Long Haul' Is A Commercially-Available (Although Highly Restricted) Drug For Truckers. It Is Taken Through Means Of An Inhaler. One Dose Can Keep Someone Awake For Three Days Straight, And Multiple Doses Eventually Make You Sleep For Three Days Straight In A Coma-Like Fashion Without Reaching R.E.M. Stages.'

Once outside the reception, and once he knocks on the door to #10 Gerald hears a pretty meaty 'ch-CHAK!!!' sound and then a loud:

'Who is it?', from the woman inside.
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