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"Hm..." Is about the most of an answer the Cylon gets for a moment as Gerald considers the results of his search. If this was Laurie Strode she was likely in very little danger herself. She'd survived countless other attempts on her life until she was instituitionalized... And really he never liked the whole final girl thing to begin with, that's why he'd started this, to save those who needed someone to save them. On the other hand he might still be able to help her... and if not then at least with the calamity that tended to follow her, he might still wind up meeting someone who really needed his help. "Are you certain that this is the only picture that looks familiar? You didn't see any examples of familiar clothing styles? Uh...well thanks."

Gerald wasn't sure if this would lead anywhere, but beggers couldn't be choosers when it came to leads. He pays for his room key, but then heads towards room number 10 and knocks on the door, listening carefully for any sounds that something might be amiss. As the saying went, it's never the f***ing wind!
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