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ROLL RESULTS: The Cylon in front of Gerald is an (extremely) old Mark I Centurion (Mark 2 being the Centurions that look more like Terminators and the 1.5 being the ones that look like halfway between the two). While the Mark 2s and the human-like ones were somewhere between 'leave us alone' and 'kill all humans' in attitude, the Mark Is have mostly been reprogrammed for menial labor here and there.

'Room... Room...', said the Cylon, looking down at something behind the desk, and then slowly placing a key on top of it.

'Room 5 Is Empty. That Would Be Out, Stay To The Right After Exiting. It Would Be $50 A Night. Paid Upon Leaving.', it said. 'As For People With Your Description-There Have Been Several. Some Registered A Few Hours Ago-Some Have Already Left.'
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