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"This is the Wild West... Well, the midwest... The point was it's like the wild west if the wild west had been Kansas, and filled with all sorts of imaginary people turned real... And there were cars and lightsabers and japanese school girls with really tiny skirts wandering around... and... Battlemechs and Meganites, and Evas... The world has gone mad... But that's just fine. I didn't like reality anyway. I'm Gerald Brooks. A long time ago I was going to be a doctor. It seemed like the only real thing in the world was keeping people from passing on to the next one early. Now days everything's real. If someone thought of it before that day, it became reality. The town of South Park, Colarado appeared and vanished into it's own fiction fueled mini apocalypse nearly over night at the hands of a mechenized cross between Barbara Streisand and mecha Gojira, and hordes of zombies, and homeless people who acted like zombies. Or at least that's what I heard. I've never passed that way... I have my own business to attend to. There are those who hunt people. Monsters, lunatics, freaks... Whatever they are... That's what brings me here. Black Rock Kansas. A place that might as well not have existed until 10 years ago as far as I'm concerned. It certainly didn't on Google. Yeh- Holy crap!"

Gerald slams the breaks down as a flock of anthropomorphic geese cross in front of him, seemingly oblivious. "Some people!" He sighs and clicks the stop button on his recording device. Another monologue interrupted by anthropomorphic waterfowl. "Ah a motel! Finally."

Gerald pulls into the parking lot, as always, keeping vigilant for large men in hockey masks and/or their usual potential victims. He'd always wondered what would happen if some psycho killer mistook Buffy the Vampire Slayer for... well, the type of character Sarah Michelle Gellar had played in all those horror movies, that would be a sight worth seeing. He parks his sedan, locks the door, and heads into the office of the motel to see about inquiring a room, and information. He really hoped he didn't walk onto a pornography film again... that had been really awkward.

Opening the door, he stands there dramatically for a moment before entering. At 5'10", with a lean athletic build, he wasn't terribly imposing, but he thought he looked totally awesome in his brown fedora and overcoat. Like some Noir Jedi... but without force powers...
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