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Xiao looks around the room for a weapon, and doesn't find much other then items which would be improvised weapons, such as chairs or a flag pole which could be used as a staff.

Koden casts his spell summoning a ball of flame in his hand, manuvering to get a clear shot at Lushima although with the General in the way the shot is a difficult one, the man hurls the ball across the room to let it explode in flames on Lushima's side - the creature crying out in pain.

Kataji moves to flank Lushima, but this does not go unnoticed as the creature turns and attacks her as she moves past causing a minor gash on her upper left arm. Once in position she strikes channeling her Ki into her fists to Stun his opponent, despite Lushima's drawn attention between Kataji and the General he manages to dodge her attack.

However, the general takes the oppotunity to strike at the creature, slashing down on it with his sword. Lushima attempts to dodge and roll with the bloe but the magical blade still cuts deep wounding his body further.

Knowing his is no match while flanked, Lushima retreats taking a slash at the general who lets his armour deflect much of the impact - Both the General and Kataji take the opportunity to strike at the retreating form but he proves too nimble. Lushima rolls to his feet and finds himself in the corner of the room, bleeding badly from one side, scortched on his left, and bleeding from his back.

The guards compose themselves but remain in their positions as though they were told not to get involved. Although the one guard with a spear lunges forward and stabs but Lushima manages a frantic wave of defensive parries with his sword.


Kataji took 4 damage
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